Capturing the Moment, from Darnelle Radford with Dito van Reigersberg

I make my way to South Philly to meet for the interview. When I arrived, I could hear the rehearsal. This was the first run-through with an audience that consisted of the production team. I wanted to walk in but chose to listen through the door. I heard about ten minutes or so of the ending. He’s ready and I do not plan to waste his time.

Welcome to Rep Radio. We have held our microphones in front of Dito van Reigersberg before but, I have never sat down to chat with him. After a long day, I wanted to make this easy. So, a casual conversation about the many “wigs” Dito wears lightens the mood. During the rehearsal for Buyer & Cellar, Dito had another “Pig Iron” in the fire. FringeArts, the artistic overload that welcomes in our theatre season, needed his attention as well. I ask about switching gears and turning the rest off in order to focus on becoming Alex. Of course, he is a professional. Of course, he knows how to do that. But, most theatre lovers see the polished presentation of all the hard work and do not always get to hear about the process.

We are so fortunate to be welcomed into the room to capture these moments as these conversations fill in the gaps to make the experience of live theatre a full and rewarding one. I end the interview with encouraging the audience to buy tickets as in plural. ‘Cause theatre is more fun with a plus one. Stay Tuned!

Listen to Darnelle's interview with Dito here.

(l-r) Rep Radio's Darnelle Radford with  Buyer & Cellar 's Dito van Reigersberg.

(l-r) Rep Radio's Darnelle Radford with Buyer & Cellar's Dito van Reigersberg.