If I were to start a theater company now, I don’t know what I’d name it. You say “1812” and for many people it means the war or the overture. But twenty years ago when my dear friend and 1812 Co-Founder, Pete Pryor, and I were starting this company, there was no other choice. For us, 1812 meant home.


1812 Pine Street was our address at the time. It was a large apartment that we shared with a rotating cast of artists—painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, film-makers, musicians, theater technicians and the occasional German tourist.  1812 meant making something out of nothing. 1812 meant dreaming big and figuring out what you wanted to say as an artist.  Most importantly, 1812 meant laughing really, really hard with a group of friends...


It’s our 20th anniversary and we’re throwing a party at our house. I hope you can join us and laugh all season long.

Jennifer Childs

Co-Founder & Producing Artistic Director

Performance Location:

Plays & Players Theatre

1714 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103


1812 Productions Administrative Office:

2329 S. 3rd St.  Philadelphia PA 19148

PH: 215.592.9560

1812 Productions is dedicated to creating theatrical works of comedy and comedic works of theater that explore and celebrate our sense of community, our history, and our humanity.