What's so funny?

For years, we at 1812 have been inviting our subscribers, supporters, and fellow artists to come into our office and laugh for us. When you come to the theater to see an 1812 Productions show, you know you're going to laugh. Whether it’s a period farce, a vaudeville, or our annual political satire, there's always something to amuse. With that in mind, we've tried to capture our fans doing what they do when we do what we do. These are real people laughing at real things. We've built a library of dozens of "Laughers" and they're just too good not to share. We've included the photos on advertisements, in our yearly brochure and in our playbills. Now they find a permanent home here.


In addition to seeing these wonderful laughing faces, you can also read letters from a few of our subscribers—If you’ve ever been to an 1812 show, you may recognize one or more of these from the playbill. We approached these wonderful individuals with the simple question, “Why do you love 1812?” These are their delightful replies.


If you would like to share your personal 1812 story, or if you’d like to join our club of Laughers, just use the links below or send an email to our Tyler Melchior, 1812’s Marketing Director, at tyler@1812productions.org. We would love to hear from you.



“1812 offers exceptionally fine productions, created by fantastically talented people, working collaboratively, rooted here in Philadelphia.”


“We look forward to our 1812 shows unequivocally, no matter what the program.”

 —Natalie & Richard

“It never ceases to amaze me how brave and tuned in they have to be to write and perform musical pieces that discuss something that happened just two days ago.”


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